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Category: trading

Ethereum CFD Trading
Speculate on Ethereum cost volatility with the world’s no.1 Forex broker, and exploit the extreme conversion rates movements of Ethereum without trading any Ethereum.

CFDs are leveraged investment instruments, thus, are traded on margin. So they not only enable traders to speculate on price movements without the need to own the underlying asset, but they also allow traders to hold huge positions with minuscule amounts of cash. The outcome in a CFD trade is concluded by the difference between the buy and the sell price

Unlike standard spot Forex trading, CFD trading also permits owners of stock CFDs to obtain cash dividends. CFDs are by nature only suited for short term speculation and long-term position trading. 

CFD trading is performed by using brokerage accounts designated for this goal. These brokers charge a payment for every trade on opening and closing a contract. Some others will add these commissions to the prices of the trade as spread, while there are some that will do both.

Main benefits of CFDs
investors can go short or buy long position.

swap with security
Ethereum CFD transaction is 100 percent secure from hackers since you never own any Ethereum.

All the providers and brokers listed in, are regulated by the FCA.

Trade on crypto currency pairs
Speculate on the Ethereum price against  Bitcoin

make use of leverage
Invest in Ethereum without committing huge amounts of you equity.

 Ethreum is not defined as a commodity by the CES. as the bitcoin does/


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